Conference Chair: Dr. Ken Edgecombe

Scientific Program Chair: Dr. Doug Mewhort

Committee Members:
Dr. Doug Mewhort (Psychology, Queen’s University)
Dr. Ugo Piomelli (Mecanical & Materials Engineering, Queen’s University)
Dr. Natalie Cann (Chemistry, Queen’s University)
Dr. Ahmad Afsahi (Electrical Engineering, Queen’s University)
Dr. Selim Akl (Computing Science, Queen’s University)
Dr. Frank Dehne (Computing Science, Carleton University)
Dr. Joerg Sack (Computing Science, Carleton University)
Dr. Jean Fugere (Military Modelling, Royal Military College)
Dr. Stavros Tavoularis (Mecanical Engineering, University of Ottawa)
Dr. Gary Slater (Biological Physics, University of Ottawa)
Dr. Kamran Behdinan (Aerospace Engineering, Ryerson University)
Mr. Thomas Naughton (Oak Ridge National Lab)

Administration: Ashley Wightman

Workshop Coordinator: Dr. Hartmut Schmider

Technical and Web support: Michael Hanlan