HPCS (High Performance Computing Symposium) is a multidisciplinary conference that focuses on research involving High Performance Computing and its application. Attended by Canadian and international experts and renowned researchers in the sciences, all areas of engineering, the applied sciences, medicine and life sciences, mathematics, the humanities and social sciences, it is Canada’s pre-eminent forum for HPC.

This year’s conference is hosted by the High Performance Computing Virtual Laboratory, in beautiful and historic Kingston. Kingston, the Limestone City, is a city built on a grand heritage and defined by an exquisite ability to blend the beauty of yesterday with the passion and sophistication of today. All of this in a city that dazzles with soaring 19th century limestone architecture and the amenities of a major centre, but retains the allure of a small town.

During the course of the symposium, high profile members of the international research community will present on ongoing projects which use HPC as a research tool. In the past, papers presented have included topics from fields such as Parallel Programming, Molecular Interactions, Biophysics, Environmental Research, Theoretical / Computational Chemistry, Genetic Programming, and Bio-Mechanics.

Workshops are being offered this year. Please see list of workshops here.